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    SOUTH AFRICA - MINING AND PETROLEUM ROYALTIES - THE IMPOSITION AND CALCULATION By BETSIE STRYDOM (Director in the Tax Practice of the Corporate Department of BOWMAN GILFILLAN) ... For refined mineral resources the formula to

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  • Carlson Software - Geology

    Use Carlson Geology to manage drillhole data, plus calculate strata models, block models, quantities and qualities. The process from importing drillholes, validating the data and modeling the ore to reserve calculations is seamless.

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  • Ore Reserve Estimation Method

    Thus, in Minnesota and Michigan the mining companies and the State tax commissions accept valuations of ore reserves based upon certain rules as to continuity and grade of the ore. Ore-reserve estimates include the determination of (1) tonnages of ore and (2) average grade or value per ton.

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  • Conventional Methods of Resource / Reserve Estimation ...

    The Edumine online course Conventional Methods of Resource / Reserve Estimation. Toggle navigation. ... Edumine > Courses > Online Courses > Exploration and Geology > Conventional Methods of Resource / Reserve Estimation. Conventional Methods of Resource / Reserve Estimation. Areas of ... Discuss the essential concepts of mineral reserve ...

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    ESTIMATION OF MINERAL RESOURCES And MINERAL RESERVES BEST PRACTICE GUIDELINES Committee Members Paul Bankes - Teck Cominco Limited, Vancouver. Ralph Bullis - Echo Bay Mines Ltd., Edmonton. Neil Gow - Roscoe Postle Associates Inc., Toronto. Bernie Haystead - CIBC World Markets, Toronto. Alfred Hills - Placer Dome Inc., Vancouver.

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  • Calculation of Ore Tonnage & Grade from Drill hole Samples

    MINERAL ORE RESERVE Case 3. When two holes in the prism have a zero value, the average thickness becomes a/3, and the tonnage of ore and tonnage of copper is found by treating the entire prism as a minor prism.

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  • Vertcoin Mining Calculator and Profit Calculator - CoinWarz

    Enter your mining rig's hash rate and the CoinWarz Vertcoin calculator will use the current difficulty and exchange rate to calculate how much profit and how many cryptocurrency coins you can earn. Vertcoin Mining Calculator and Profit Calculator - CoinWarz

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    MINERAL RESERVES, RESOURCES, RESOURCE POTENTIAL, AND CERTAINTY D EFINITIONS OF MINERAL RESERVES, resources, resource potential, and certainty of assessment have been adopted by the Geological Survey and U.S. Bureau of Mines to foster more uniform terminology and more accurate communica- tion. The exact nomenclature used depends on the

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  • Calculating Recoverable Reserves with Uniform

    The calculation of recoverable reserves must consider the application of a cutoff grade and a selective mining unit (SMU) size. The cutoff grade is calculated using economic and management parameters and is considered known. The SMU size is based on the deposit type and the mining equipment. The change of support from the data to the SMU scale is

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  • Chapter C National Coal Methodology for Calculating Coal ...

    Methodology for Calculating Coal Resources for the Colorado Plateau, U.S. Geological Survey National Coal Assessment By Laura N.R. Roberts, ... Government, (2) areas that have active coal mining, (3) areas where coal-bed methane is currently being produced or coal is the source rock for gas production, and (4) areas that have a high resource or ...

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  • Metal Equivalent Calculation - How to Calculate the ...

    Metal Equivalent Calculation How to Calculate the Mineral Equivalents in Polymetallic Deposits. When reading a companys press release in which they announce their mineral resources and or reserves of a polymetallic deposit, you will often see them

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  • Here's how you value any gold project |

    The mining industry is a fascinating space not only for the fact that almost everything around us comes from mining but also because of the possibility of striking gold with penny stocks that ...

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  • Ore Reserve Calculation - Mining Geology - YouTube

    Jun 15, 2018· This is the one of method for calculation of reserve of ore .

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  • Lecture Notes - Mineralogy - Calculating Mineral Formulas

    Lecture Notes - Mineralogy - Calculating Mineral Formulas ... Calculating Mineral Formulas 3 Ca Mg Si 2O6 oxygen units of SiO2 hectogram of mineral ... element per mole of mineral), the normalized oxygen numbers must be multiplied by the appropriate constants.

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  • Fuer Homepage Valuation of Metals and Mining Companies

    Mining is the science, technique, and business of mineral discovery and exploitation. Mining includes all activities related to extraction of metals, minerals and gemstones. Strictly, the word connotes underground work directed to severance and treatment of ore or associated rock.

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  • Mineral Resources and Reserves report - Assore Limited

    ASSORE MINERAL RESOURCES AND RESERVES REPORT 2014 PAGE 2 Mineral Resources and Reserves report continued The following Competent Persons were involved in the calculation of Mineral Resources and Reserves: M Burger Pr.Sci.Nat (SACNASP) Iron S van Niekerk Pr.Sci.Nat (SACNASP) Iron B Ruzive Pr.Sci.Nat (SACNASP) Manganese

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  • Metals & Mining Investment Banking 101

    Metals & Mining Investment Banking: How You Break In, What You Do, Mining Valuation and Modeling, and Exit Opps. ... but there are more categories and sub-categories here because theres more subtlety with determining whether or not mineral resources are ... includes inferred resources), Pre-Feasibility (Stricter calculation requirements and ...

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  • Valuation Methods Mineral resources - United Nations

    Valuation Methods of Mineral Resources 1 of 13 LG/11/14 11th Meeting of the London Group on ... On the Valuation of Stock of Mineral Resources ¾ Calculation of the capital services on natural resources (i.e., resource rent): ... only the produced mineral resources and proven mineral reserves

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  • Mineral Formulae Recalculation -

    Weight percentages are not the most convenient format for many uses of mineral analyses. They obscure relationships that may be obvious when the compositions of minerals are expressed in terms of formulas (atomic proportions). This page provides information and tools for the calculation of minerals formulas from chemical analyses.

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  • Mineral resource classification - Wikipedia

    Mineral resource classification is the classification of mineral resources based on an increasing level of geological knowledge and confidence. [1] Reporting codes framework with three main categories - Exploration Results, Mineral Resources, and Mineral Reserves.

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  • Mining Valuation Techniques - P/NAV, P/CF, EV/Resource

    The main mining valuation methods in the industry include price to net asset value P/NAV, price to cash flow P/CF, total acquisition cost TAC & EV/Resources. ... An example of calculating TAC: Suppose that a publicly traded stock, had a market capitalization of $100 million dollars, and it had $1 million ounces. ... More mining valuation resources.

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  • Coal Terminology: Resource & Reserve

    Coal Terminology: Resource & Reserve Last Modified: 25th September 2012 ... most estimates of the reserves to production ratio, a simple calculation of how long we could use coal at the current rate, ... For reference, strip mining is limited to extracting coal up to a few hundred feet and underground mining is currently limited to around 3500 ft.

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  • Reserves estimation - AAPG Wiki

    To better understand reserves estimation, a few important terms require definition. Original oil in place (OOIP original oil in place) ... The basic equation used to calculate recoverable oil reserves is where RF = recovery factor, which equals RF P + RF S. The primary recovery factor, ...

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  • Classification of Mineral Resources and Reserves | Geology ...

    Classification of Mineral Resources and Reserves Posted by: Staff @ Geology for Investors in Geology Basics , Mine Planning and Management In the early days of mining there were no standards for the reporting of mineral assets.

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  • All In Sustaining Cost Reporting Gold Industrys New ...

    All In Sustaining Cost Reporting Gold Industrys New Standard? Denver Gold Group Luncheon May 6, 2013 - Toronto ... reserves, resources, mineral production, optimization efforts and sales; estimates of mine life; estimates of future internal rates of return, mining costs, ... calculate all -in sustaining costs in the future, including in ...

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    CALCULATIONS IN MINERAL RESERVE ESTIMATIONS AT THE CAYELI MINE, TURKEY Soyer, Nihat M. Sc., Department of Mining Engineering Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Tevfik Güyagüler December 2006, 102 Pages Dilution and ore recovery/loss have an important role in calculation of mineral reserves.

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  • Mineral resource estimation - Wikipedia

    A Mineral Reserve includes diluting materials and allowances for losses that may occur when the material is mined. Probable Mineral Reserve. A probable mineral reserve is the economically mineable part of an Indicated and, in some circumstances, a Measured Mineral Resource demonstrated by at least a Preliminary Feasibility Study.

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  • Evaluation of Reserves and Resources for Quarry Valuation

    Calculation of Reserves and Resources. The reserves and resources are calculated by identifying the area of land within which the geological deposit occurs and within any planning or other constraints such as set backs or easements etc. Regard needs to be had to the ownership of the minerals which can change depending upon the geology.

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    RESOURCE/RESERVE REPORTING STANDARDS FOR MINERALS ... Current Mineral Resource/Reserve Reporting Standards. ... ¾Apply to Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves, but may be a lower threshold for Mineral Resources ¾Commodity prices

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  • Mining & Investing: Valuing a Company | Avoid Glasses ...

    How do you value a mining company? ... This is based on the quality and quantity of the reserves and resources held by the company. This page will deal with EV, and we will illustrate this with charts shortly, after a comment about net present value. ... Most people buy mining stocks because of this leverage. ...

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